Mass track-number processing


First of all, thanx ALOT for this software - my life will be alot easier the next couple of days :slight_smile: But.. i've come to a point, where i need to mass write the track numbers into the id3's. We are talking about 100gb of music, so im not into the idea of doing this manualy :flushed:

I see the autonumbering wizard is pretty nice, but with that i need to select a album, use the wizard -> select the next album, use the wizard etc etc.

Is it possible to use the wizard on all my files, and then start at "1" everytime the directory change?

I realy hope you understand what i mean, and thanx for your help! :music:

Start the wizard with CTRL+SHIFT+K or hold down SHIFT when you click the icon.


Thanx for the reply - but that was not what i meant :slight_smile:

Let me put it in another way - how would you guys id3-tracknumber 2000 files?


I was a bit quick there :slight_smile: Dano, you're the man!

This software keeps getting better..

BTW, what does the SHIFT button toggle? Can this be used other places?

It also allows recursive file creation for the Export and Playlist Dialogs. (one playlist for each folder...)