Massive creation of links towards m3u files

Hello, Ich bin a french user, but I speak bad german and english. Sorry. Very good application. And, sorry but i cannot find my problem in the community. I use CTRL shift P to create my playlists CD album by CD album. But my purpose is to have several lists of CD albums in other places. For example, i make a list of my 2019 prefered albums, i make a list of my wife 2019 prefered albums, and i make another lists of prefered albums of several musical magazines. And these lists are shortcuts towards each m3u file created by mp3tag command CTRL shift P in each album. How can i make massively all the shortcuts near the m3u files, and better, how can I move all the shortcuts on the upper directory (which contains all albums directories). Thank you.

You can define a playlist name in File>Options>Playlist.
If you define it with a path e.g.
c:\music\my wifes best 2019.m3u8
then the playlist will be created in that folder.

To transform the already available playlists in MP3tag to a different folder, load them into MP3tag, then save them with a name that also has the path.

Thank you [ohrenkino] for your reply.