Matrix Number Tag

Hello Folks,

I am beginning to sort my music by recording session.

I want to tag my songs with their matrix numbers.

What would be the best id3 tag for doing so?

I have never heard of a "matrix number" for recording sessions before.
Maybe you can give us an example?

Unfortunately, the official ID3 website is actually not reachable.
Maybe you can find your tag in this documentation.

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I would say: one that is displayed by your collection managing program.
Clearly, there is no dedicated field for the matrix number, so you have to either "misuse" one or create a user-defined one.
As the matrix number is not strictly a number but alphanumeric, any field that relies on pure numbers or special formats should not be used.
So, year, track, releasetime, disc number would best be left aside.
A better choice may be to misuse UNSYNCEDLYRICS - but probably you cannot search for the contents of that field.
To sum it up: there is no best choice for all players.
You find a list of supported tag fields in the help:

Exactly. I had to take the same approach with different data [Mapping of tag fields - is it really needed at all?]

One important tip for your system: come up with a donation for a lack of such data. At some point you will run at vinyls hat are clear of it- and if you do not enter any data on that account, how will you know in the future if here really was no data or you simply forget to write it down or the data got somehow deleted from a file?