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I'd like to ask you if it would be possible to add support for matroska files. I'm not sure how difficult would it be. Apparently it is just editing of a XML file and then muxing it back with already existing tools. I think it would be useful to have a good tag editor for MKV/MKA files and MP3Tag is a very good editor. The best I've seen.

You can find information about Matroska tags at

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This is currently not planned.

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~ Florian

Is this feature still not on the cards? Matroska is getting more and more popular, and I've seen a lot of people asking for a decent mkv tag editor- there's nothing user-friendly available at the moment, and certainly nothing on a par with mp3tag.

VLC currently supports editing basic fields on a file-by-file basis, and it's a more or less instantaneous to save the changed tag, so I don't think it would be impractical to do it for mutliple files, i.e. it wouldn't involve demuxing-remuxing.

It'd be a really cool feature as it would make it faesible to handle large movie & tv collections in the same way as you can music. That'd be awesome!

Well, Florian's response was over five years ago :laughing: . It'd be nice to get an updated opinion.

lol!! but i agree, it would be nice to get an updated response maybe even some possibility of it being considered!

I've searched extensively for a solution to this and still nothing exists. I've even asked the creator of Matroska Tools, but his response is that he doesn't like programming GUIs. His Command line solution mkvpropedit is extensive, quick, and is easy enough to use, but is for single files only.

For people averse to the command line and don't use VLC, you can use the mkvmerge GUI "mmg".

File > Header Editor (CTL+E)
Drag-n-Drop a file into the new window
Segment Information > Title

Title is the only real tag I'm interested in which allows for clean playlist entries instead of the filename, but you can edit titles for all the individual tracks as well are changing the default order of multiple tracks, and more. All without remuxing. When you are satisfied with the changes, CTL+S to save and drag the next file to the window for editing.

It's a shame that no one has picked up the torch yet for tagging MKVs, and I feel that it is really holding the format back. There is a great demand for a solution and whoever solves it will probably have a huge influx of users. I'm just hoping it isn't crappy commercial company that doesn't care or listen to the community of users.

As a Linux user it might seem strange posting here, but as this program is peerless for media tagging, it is still just one of the 2 windows programs I can't go without. I am genuinely hoping you might reconsider looking into adding mvk support in the future.


I would like to back up the requests for MKV support made here.

Off course I know it's easier to ask for a feature than to develop it, but I'd like Florian to know that another user longs for it, and the users here are just a tiny fraction of all the ones that would start using Mp3Tag for this pruporse.

Florian, I think you should understand this as a new opportunity of growth for the Mp3Tag market in a different direction, while no one else takes it.
I think it would be a good investment, since it could bring a lot more people from the video area to use Mp3Tag. But it's up to you to decide.

Thanks for the development of Mp3Tag, anyway. :slight_smile:


I just want to bring up this topic again.
This would be a fantastic feature!

Please include mkv-tagging in mp3tag.

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I would also like to use Mp3tag on video files the way I use them on my music

Unfortunately, to often are the files not read by it

10 years later and there's still a need for this, we need some love for MKV/MKA, after all this is the best program to add tags that has ever existed. Make it happen :slight_smile:

I agree. I've supported Mp3tag and used it for years. As my media server grows to include videos, This function would be GREAT to have. Using the current tools is slow and tedious.

Love the program Florian and would only be better with Matroska Support.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I've already started working on support for Matroska weeks ago – it's only quite complex and I needed to get some other things straightened out first, e.g., support for subtracks in Mp3tag's file view which is also needed for Matroska.

I'm going to release v2.84 later today and will then dedicate some time to continue working on support for MKA/MKV.

I'll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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– Florian

FYI, I've just released Mp3tag v2.84b Development Build (Beta) with support for Matroska MKA/MKV.

Kind regards
– Florian

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