max file limit

I've searched quite a while and cannot find any info on scalability or max file limit. My collection got slightly messed up and i need to do a massive tag-->filename conversion, and removal and rewrite of all tag info.
I don't want to completely crash the system and then not know what actually got changed if it's too many files, which i assume but hopefully i'm wrong and it can take a very large number. i'm somewhere in the range of about 22000 audio files. is this too many for mp3 tag to handle?


thanks! any idea what that max is that it can handle at once?

well, i've sucessfully loaded more than 50000 tracks (almost 60000) so I guess it is a question of available memory or one of the magic computer number like 65536. But honestly: I don't know. I can only vouch for that the 20000 of your collection are within safe boundaries.