MAX function?

I want to use Mp3tag to automatically change the file name according to the track number.

Currently, I use the Tag->Filename tool in this manner:
%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2)-14
but first changing the last number, in this case 14, to the maximum number of tracks in the sequence.

Is there a way I can simply interrogate the Track Seq for the largest value, and use it in the formula - sort of like a $max(%track%) ?

%_total_files% returns the number of currently selected files.

Excellent!! Exactly what I wanted.. Thanks!!!

btw.. I have been checking my profile settings, and notice that I have an old email address registered with this account, but I cannot see anywhere to update it. Suggestions?

You must click on "My Controls" and on the bottom left side there is "Change email address"
Or just click this link

Thanks.. don't know why I could not see that myself before.. guess the old eyes are going..