Maximum Limits

I have a folder that contains in excess of 17000 individual sound files grouped within their own subfolders and every time I try and open it Mp3tag crashes well before it's reached the end. I take it there is an upper limit to what the program can cope with. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Other than that it's a lovely wee program.

There is no certain limit but I think the total amount of files that can be loaded depends on how much RAM you have. And if your files have embedded cover art, more RAM is consumed.

But this crash could also be caused by a single file that has a corrupt tag.
You might want to check if there is such a file. Try to load a smaller bunch of sub folders into the program that are read at the end.

And install the latest beta and try if it still crashes.

Installing the Beta made all the difference. All tracks imported without a glitch.

Thank you