Maximum Path Length


Does Mp3Tag have the manifest entry in the Windows version to support long path names? I currently run into issues accessing files with a total path name longer than 260 chars (only shows the file name but non of the tags) even though it’s properly enabled in Windows 10 and Windows File Explorer can correctly display all tags (but not copy/move the files since apparently Microsoft is incapable of updating the File Explorer to support NTFS long paths).


No, fully qualified filenames must not be longer than 254 characters. (or is it 256?)


Mp3tag uses some Win32 Shell functions that are bound to the MAX_PATH = 260 limit.


@Florian is it really?

What functions do not adhere this, if it is not an secret?


Thanks all. Florian, all I know is, especially for classical music I quickly surpass that limit. Of course I can work around that but I really shouldnt have to.
I assume you can only implement this once MS reworks their shell to support long paths?


It's on my list to revise the handling of paths in Mp3tag. Many other functions work with long path if \\?\ is prepended to the path. I'll need to look into this.


Is that gonna be most likely a thing implemented in the next couple of days or weeks or should I work around the limitation? I'm about to move and retag a lot of files that surpass the 260 limit.


A few years back I used DetlevD's max path truncation action that took into account the file extension length as a workaround. Sadly the colored text in the code boxes from the previous forum software didn't make the transition to Discourse, which makes the action nearly impossible to read (or use without a lot of formatting), though the principle is easy enough to understand.


I've fixed the formatting, thanks for pointing.

You can wait till Friday where I plan to release the next Development Build. If it's getting too complex to include it there, I suggest to work around the limitation.


I've added support for long paths with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88f.

It's a major change that affects many, many parts of Mp3tag. Please test thoroughly.

While it now supports paths up to 32767 character, the individual segments are limited — commonly to 255 characters. See Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces — Maximum Path Length Limitation for details.