MB2mp3tag - create tags for classical music with MusicBrainz



I'd like to interest you with my MB2mp3tag application. It's not web source script; it's command line application, which creates text file with tags' data gathered from MusicBrainz.

Here are downloadable files: https://github.com/PawelTrela/My-projects/tree/master/AudioTaggerWithMusicBrainz/executables

And here is short user guide: https://github.com/PawelTrela/My-projects/wiki/MB2mp3tag

My application is especially useful for tagging classical music, because it downloads certain details about the composer (lifespan, country), the date of composition of the work, the performers together with the instrument (piano, violin, cello, orchestra, etc.), the date of recording. Calculates a unique link to each track that leads to this particular track in the MusicBrainz database.

Here's some sample output:

I would like to improve my program by downloading more tags (e.g. artistsort). For artists I would like to download the best name (for example, not Даниил Трифонов, but Daniil Trifonov).

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

With kindest regards,

Pawel Trela