MD5Audio for Actions

Is there the ability to get %_md5audio% in Actions and not just Export?

If not, please include the ability. Thanks.

I wonder where you want to store that data. If you want to store it externally, then the function is already there. If you want to store it in a field, then I see problems.
In an export, the md5 data is stored as extra data and the check sum corresponds to a given unaltered file.
If you store the md5 check sum in the file, then the checksum does not correspond to the file any more as storing the md5 number in the file changes the file.
So you would have to recalculate the md5 sum to include the md5 sum which would then again lead to different sums. An endless process.

If you only need the number as an indication for similarity or something you can easily run the md5 generation in the export and import the number from the export.

User 'jackpots' wants to store the MD5 checksum just from the audio part into the tag.
This can be done by exporting of the value %_md5audio% into textfile and afterwards importing into a tag-field.
No big deal with Mp3tag.
You have already pointed it out.
But it would be less circumstance, if the value can be assigned directly.


Wow! I am surprise that you were stumped by this one. As @DetlevD stated, and the man pages, and by Florian some time (years?) ago on HA, there are two variables but the one mentioned %_md5audio% is the hash of the audio stream.

For example, it will work on FLAC files in Actions, however, it is not due to mp3tag, per se, but because FLAC already has the hash stored in each file. Now, my question is whether it is available for the rest of the file types—I think not. But it doesn't hurt to ask Florian anyway. And, if truly no, I am asking that it is included.

My opinion is that Florian started it sometime ago, but never finished—I speculated.

BTW, the %_md5% hash is of the whole file, and is almost useless for the reasons you stated.

Thanks again.

I just came across this post (while searching the forums) and wanted to add some information:

Mp3tag has indeed two different placeholders %_md5% and %_md5audio% where the first covers the whole file data (which changes after retagging) and the latter only the audio part of the file. With some file types it's difficult to identify the audio part without decoding the file, so the %_md5audio% information is limited to the following audio formats:

ape flc flac mp+ mp1 mp2 mp3 mpc ofr ofs tak tta wv

Hope this sheds some light into the current state of this feature.

Kind regards

Thanks for the response. It has been a while since I first posed the question.

I think I understood the existence of both md5 and md5audio. I am more interested in md5audio however it is not readily available as, say, bitrate. The only way I have see to obtain the value is through the export function which is of no value to my efforts. I would prefer it it was accessible via actions.

I am attempting to create backup of the tags of my extensive library from years and years of curating. The tag data is almost as important as the audio due the time spent. After a catastrophe, I can recover the audio from vendors (Amazon, Google) or CD, but none of the tag repositories have my complete data. The md5audio is to serve as a unique identifier.

The least cumbersome method I was able to slap together last year, was a batch script using ffmpeg to calculate the MD5 and using a command line tool to add the tag to the files.

Best regards and thanks for your efforts.