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Dear, I'm new here.
I use a Synology DS114 to play a SqueezeboxTouth from Logitec Media Server music.
I own quite a few compilations which various artists are.
Now I want a song to see a picture before I have now installed MPtag.
I've already managed to get.'s Right jpg picture to each song mpg
Unfortunately, the media server of some songs does not properly covers about.
After checking MP3tag I see the correct jpg appear in the songs.
Guess I'm doing something wrong somewhere?
Thanks for any help

For extra information I have added a few attachments

Check if your player has a database in the background where it stores the track metadata.
If so, invoke an update.
Then let's see.

Thank you for the quick response, but unfort, I have no idea where I should find the database.

:w00t: funny, Playing I’m a train - Albert Hammond, with jpg from Al Steward and at the playlist below jpg from Billy Swan.
Media Server does not know exactly what he wants :frowning:

Check (the manual? the menus?) for a function like "Add folder" or "Add files" or something. Or "Update database".
Also, you could look for something like "Rebuild library". Or you could delete the edited files from the player and see how and when they reappear. THen the information should be uptodate.
As a background:
If the audio files have the picture embedded then this part is OK. You have checked that with MP3tag?!
Now it is up to the player to do his part: read the updated information.
Yet, some players can only display one picture per folder and not per file.
Also it could be, that the player needs an external file (e.g. the Windows Media Player uses such a file). For this there is an action in MP3tag.
See for more details.

Occasionally the artwork cache can get out of wack in LMS. A clear and rescan can solve this.

In logitech media server, go to webGUI, click on SETTINGS in lower right corner.
Then click on the basic settings tab.
the bottom item is "rescan music library". use the dropdown box to select, "clear and rescan"
it can take a while depending on your library size and computer/NAS you're running LMS on. (In my case on a powerful PC, it takes a bit over an hour to do a clear and rescan for about 80,000 tracks).
Note you can see the progress reported on the rescan in the LMS webGUI.

p.s. it seems your issues are more LMS related. In the future, you can get more specific help at:

Okay, just asked it on LMS
Hope they see to it
anyway thanks for the help