Mediamonkey Gold doesn't see mp3tag changes - ok the other way

I have the latest verions of both MMG and MP3tag. WXP SP3.

Change a tag with MMG - shows up fine in MP3tag.
Change a tag using MP3tab - under no circumstances does the change show in MMG.

I didn't get any joy from the other posts in this forum or from the MM forum.

Thanks in advance for any help. mp3tag is brilliant...wish I could use it...

You should check how you treat APE tags (Tools>Option>Mpeg).
It could be that MM needs the APE tags - so you have to read, write and delete them too.
Or you try a ID3-ony-apporoach and remove and ignore the APE tags altogether and see what MM does.

Please be more specific about what kind of tags you are talking?
I sometimes use MM too for special tasks and my tags, created with MP3Tag, are always showing in MM.

Do you rescan/re-import this changed tracks in MM? MediaMonkey only read tracks once and then safe this information in his own database.

MM doesn't see or check changes made outside of MM.
Therefore you have to Add/Rescan your changed files to the (MM)library.

Problem Solved

MM Library Options "Update file info from Tags when rescanning files" was UNCHECKED for some reason. It could have been years ago but since I never used any other tag management program before except MM, it made no difference.

I ticked the box, rescanned the folders. All changes made with mp3tag were reflected correctly.

Thank you to everybody who offered assistance. Much appreciated.