Mediamonkey still sees other tags after cleaning in mp3tag?

I have quite a large collection of various files. My aim is to get id3v2 (and only id3v2!) filled in correctly and remove anything else to avoid confusion. I cleaned them all with mp3tag using these settings:

Read: id3v2
write: id3v2 (2.3 utf 16)
remove: id3v1 and ape

I then selected all files, and pressed the X (remove tags) buttons. That should clean the id3v1 and ape I assume. In mp3tag everything looks fine. I gave all files the same genre and pressed the disk icon (save).

I then opened up Mediamonkey and some files have a different genre. Weird thing is that if I open that file and look at extended tags in Mp3tag that I don't see the genre that mediamonkey sees.

Also some tracks have no album name although I saved all files with the same album title in mp3tag.

Am I missing something? Have I forgot to clean something? Is there perhaps another tag format in my files? This is exactly why I want only one tag to avoid different tools reading or writing different tags with different info. Hope someone can point me in a direction to help.

Mediamonkey is also set up to store id3v2. infer track properties is off (which adds stuff from filenames to the library)

Sometimes there are files which have a long career of tagging and tag types behind themselves.
It happens that other tag types, especially APE tag, can hide previously injected tag types, so that tag types will be hierarchically stacked one over another.
(hierarchy top)
ID3v2 (in front of the file)

ID3v1 (at end of the file) (first tag of all but hidden due to APE tag) (hierarchy bottom)
APE (at end of the file)
ID3v1 (at the very end of the file)

If such has happened to your file, then you have to repeat the process of removing tag types until all unwanted tag types are gone.



I just opened one of the files in wordpad and it seems I have a double tag. The top shows this:

and a little lower (after white spaces) I get:

Both sections start with ID3 and a weird character. Mp3tag shows the first album title and track number, mediamonkey the second set.

I am not an expert on this but is this a double field? or are these two different versions of id3 (v1 and v2?).

Should I just keep clicking the red X a few more times? Did it three times already and doesnt seem to help, neither does the save action (which also removes other tags right?)

It seems like the file has multiple ID3v2 tags. To remove ID3v2, you need to enable ID3v2 at Options > Tags > Mpeg > Remove.

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Thanks, I removed id3v2 from one file. Then manually reentered the correct data.

I have about 67 files like this. What is the easiest way to correct them all? Export to csv, delete id3v2 and reimport?

You can also remove the tag and let Mp3tag rewrite it via Undo :mt_undo:

Thanks! I knew there had to be an easy way.

Funny thing is that if I remove tags, immediately mp3tag will show the "other" set.

I'll do it twice, undo (last action), and can then easily see which tags still need some manual fixing for which I'll use filename

This used to happen to me also, thats because MediaMonkey had its own saved database, unless you rescan/add tracks to your MediaMonkey library it will read whats in the Database.

May i suggest (what I do) is to tag first, and then add to Music library folder...

It is time consuming, but I must say my library with over half-a-mill tracks, is in PERFECT order!
only thing that can go wrong now is my HDD fail (whch i pray it doesnt)

Remember to BACK UP! :music:

Thanks for the help ThorsonB.

I don't think that is my issue however, as I don't keep my mediamonkey library. I delete the library and rescan every time I start using mediamonkey to manage tags.