Hi guys,

Recently I had some music with vinyl in the release title. I wanted to clean things up so looked in the Extended Tags section for something appropriate. There was a tag called MEDIATYPE so I added the value of vinyl for the relevant files & removed vinyl from the title.

MEDIATYPE no longer seems to be available & I've been going crazy trying to work out if there ever was a MEDIATYPE.

The changelog doesn't say it was removed:

Anybody know what's going on?

Thanks for looking.

What do you mean by "available"?
If you want to add a new MEDIATYPE-Tag with the extended tag-menue, ist ist not listet in your mp3tag?

It is listed in my mp3tag-menue.

It could be that after an update you simply "lost" a field name.
Open a dialogue that offers a field selection when you press the right-arrow-button next to the text field in that dialogue.
This shoud have the option "Remove all from list".
This function resets the field list and the media type should return.