Menu Bar shortcut

I really love this software. It is so helpful for keeping my music filed.
There is one feature that would be nice to have. A shortcut button on the menu bar in Windows Explorer. Although the shortcut in the right-click context menu is good, it would be useful to me if the was a visual shortcut on the top bar. I don't know if this would be feasible or even possible.

Install a toolbar such as StExBar.
StExBar allows the creation of custom buttons on a Windows Explorer toolbar.

My advice: ditch Windows Explorer altogether and use instead a file manager like Total Commander or FreeCommander

To the later one I can attest. I have greatly improved my operating system experience, because I have now many shortcuts in FC, and not just on my Taskbar and in Menu Start. [And thanks to FC I also stopped using completely my desktop which solved my Windows 98 / XP / 7 problem of icons being constantly rearranged]