Menu Icon Alignment in Windows 7 using "Classic" theme

Small thing, but new menu icon does not align correctly in Win 7.

See here:

It's an outdated OS, so I'd understand if you skip this. But, if easy, please consider "fixing". Thanks.

This is what the remote picture looks like
undefined - Imgur

This is what it looks like on my W7:

Looks ok to me ...

My Windows 7 test system also shows the icon as depicted in @ohrenkino's version of the screenshot with correct alignment and the extra vertical line separating the icons from the menu item texts.

The misalignment happens when using the "Windows Classic" theme in Win 7. Sorry to get back to you so late.

I've tried to reproduce this using the Windows 7 "Classic" theme and it's correctly aligned. One possibility is that you're using a different shell extension that widens the icon area of the menu — just a guess.

Moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs


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