Menu stays greyed (disabled) after aborting Action

Seems, I keep running into little things :slight_smile:

I was creating a new action, and when I ran it, noticed it wasn't doing what I expected so I clicked the abort button. However, the menu stayed grayed out after this and the MP3tag icon on my task bar keeps highlighting as if it is notifying me for a user response.

MP3tag v2.75
Win7 64 bit

EDIT: Apparently MP3tag is waiting for a response because I cannot exit the program with the [X] button or Alt-F4 (File > Exit being unavailable) and had to use Task Manager to terminate the process. It is not a case of a dialog sneakingly hiding behind the main application window as I can freely resize and move the main window to reveal anything that may have been hiding behind the main window

After the execution of an action even if it si aborted, MP3tag tries to give you the summary of the actions. But this depends on the settings in File>Options>Messages.

Can you reproduce it? (Because I can't)
In general: you have to select at least one file to do anything with actions.

I was trying to copy some information from one tag to another.

It happens when an action is defined incorrectly. I don't mean like showing errors but simply not doing what it is supposed to do, resulting in nothing getting changed or updated.

And the only message I have enabled is the last one (Warnings from Actions)

Yes, I got that from the first post.
Yet, the question "can you reproduce it" remains unanswered.
Could you tell what action you try to execute and why it does not do what it should.
I would like to create a corresponding test environment.