Merge fields in album tags

Hello everybody.

I have a big list of albums that are properly tagged (filename, album, artist etc).

My new car media player (Volvo XC40) cannot handle albums that are collections from various artists.
The albums that come from one artist show ok on the music library. The albums that are collections with songs from many artists are separated. Each song as a separate album. It seems as if the media player sorts the database by both artist and album. The library is a mess.

The only way to solve this is in "collection albums" is to have in the "artist" field one value like "Various artists".

So I merged the artist and title in one field (Title) with this value "%artist% | %title%" to keep the information and be able to view the actual artist in the screen.
Then I replaced the artist names to "Various artists".

But, doing that it also replaced the actual value of the artist and now it shows "Various artists | Hotel california".

Any ideas on how to import values to mp3tag from excel file, so that I can replace the values by a file not an online db.

Thank you in advance for your help.


See the function Convert>Text file - Tag

Thank you. Not sure I understand the import file setup. Assuming we have a .txt or .csv file with 4 songs


Make sure that the separator between the fields is really unique and not part of the data.
Do not include the field list in data file - you have to enter that when you call the function Convert>Text file - Tag.
A little detour: The data forms some kind of table where the data for each field can be found in a column of the table and the whole data for each file is represented by a column row.
If you do not want to import the data from a certain column, enter as fieldname %dummy%
To align the data in the rows with the files, you either have the same order in the files as in the rows or you include a field that shows the filename as this is then used to align data and file.


Since I am only interested to change the values in 2 fields, title and artist, nothing else.

Is ot ok to only import a txt file that will include only changes in these 2 fields ?

Like that


and leave the rest of the fields intact ?

Exactly, only the named fields get new data.
But as I said: if the data file has the structure

and you only want

you have to use

And the key to identify the record is the filename ?

or the order of the data in the text file matches the order of the files.
Then the data from the first line in the text file is used for the first selected file, the second line for the second file and so on.

It looks like this and ... "cannot be opened for reading"

You would have to save the excel file as a text file or CSV file.
Also, I would arrange the columns in the excel source in such a way that you only get filled columns. Which means: delete all columns that currently have the header "%dummy%".
The text file also should not contain the column headers like %_filename% but only data.
So, what do the first 2 line of the text file look like?
And which field list have you used to import the data?

no, sorry

The Format string should read

you mean like this ?

I don't know - that is why i would like to see the first 2 lines of the text file.
I would assume that they look like
15_Atlantis_Keep on moving.flac;Various Artists

and this would import with a
Format string:
(on the other hand: if the ARTIST should be "Various Artists" all along, it is much easier to select the files, enter "Various Artists" in the field ARTIST in the tag panel and save the modification)

I managed to open the preview, but you are right, I will simply the value in the column

and this is how my file looks like

The data structure does not look like the format string that you entered.
Instead you have something like
%_filename_ext%<several blanks or a tab character>%title%|%album%|<several blanks or a tab character>%artist%
This text file does not match that what you have shown as excel source.

Now I will change the value manually and I will retry tomorrow

Thank you so much for your time and patience