Merge folders into a new one

Hello all. Good day.
1 Can I have files from directory1 and directory2 move to directory0
2 Can this happen for all content, not just media files, i.e. such as cover art jpgs pngs, lyrics files and others if any (nfo, txt, etc)?
3 Can this happen with relative paths preferably?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Use Convert>Tag-Tag or an action of the type "Format value" for _directory (you may have to type it in the field box).
Type in as
Format string:
the path to the target directory. You have to decide whether a relative path is enough or an absolute path would be safer.
As you rename the directory, every file that is in this directory is also moved to the new location.

Wow. This moves the png files also. Thanks.

Somehow it doesn't like it when I add $validate in front of the resulting directory name. Is that your experience also?

$validate() usually leads to valid filenames.
So an example that fails would be nice.

My bad entirely, $validate(expression,replacement) works perfectly.

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