Merge genres to a common value

Hi All, I have 20 mp3 files with three different genres (Ex: RnB, Pop, Rock). I would like to format the genre to be most available to be the value of all 20 mp3 of those files. Is there a way to do this? Thank You.

Manually? MP3tag does not know anything about data in surrounding files but knows only the current file. So, MP3tag has not list of data in different files.
You can, though, select the 20 files, enter the list of genres in the tag panel field for genres and then save the modification to all selected files in one go.

Sorry, Yes you have to select all mp3 files, I'm guessing like is there a action to calculate mostly available genre and select that as the genre for all 20 mp3 files. I also want to do the same for album artist. You could do it manually of cause :wink: but I'm regularly doing this to lot of mp3 files. It'll be cool if you could give some equation to do it automatically. Thanks

I wonder where you would store such an information that is rather transient, depending on the current selection. The next selection could lead to completely different results.

You could write yourself an export script that counts the occurances of genres.
Or you write an export script that exports a CSV file that you can import into a spreadsheet program that does the counting for you.
Or you use a filter that filters for a certain artist and then perhaps for a particular genre. Or you sort that list by genre, select the files and look at the status bar that shows you the number of selected files.

There is no solution out of the box.

Can you make a format value under action, field: GENRE , Format string:" functions" and make a function to calculate the most available genre as the genre for all files else select "Pop" as the genre if there is no common genre or blank value. Thank You.

As I said: no actions knows anything about surrounding files. So I cannot do a sum or something like that.
You would have to create an export for that.

Is there an action to select all files automatically and apply the equation, or first I would select all files manually and then apply the equation?

Unfortunately, there is no way of merging the genres to a common value with Mp3tag. You'd either do it manually of find another app that is capable of doing this.