Merging duplicate fields


I have a lot of music files with duplicate tag names (artist, composer, etc.), but each has different content. In column view I see the contents of the first field, but extended tags shows each tag.

WMP shows all of the duplicates together, seperated by a semi-colon.

Is there a way to merge all duplicate tags into a single tag, separated by a comma or slash?




Hi there!

Well, you can do it, sort of... Create a new column and enter "%artist% ; %album%" as field. You can also use the $if() and $eql() functions to check if a field contains data and format the output. In my example, if you only have the album field filled, the display will be " ; Album".



I think you misunderstood.

In some of my MP3s and WMAs, when I view tags (Alt-T), there are 4 "Composer" tags. Each "Composer" tag has the name of one of the composers.

I'm trying to figure out how to merge these into a single tag?





have you found a solution?
Otherwise I'll consider a "merge multiple tag fields"-action.

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~ Florian


So I've done some testing with duplcate tags with different values...

Reading a tag only acts on the first tag (also interesting that the Column display uses a different duplicate frame than Action uses), so I can't read them to a temp location. Writing to the tag also clears all of the other duplicates, as I tried to see if I could read and clear one at a time.

I would appreciate it if we had a Merge Duplicate Fields action. Separate them with a semicolon or forward slash (commas are too frequently part of the original values). I can easily S&R this with a second action.

In the long term, you might consider full support for multiple instances of the same frame. I noticed that the ID3v2.4 implementation has several frames that are intended to be used as many times as necessary.

Thanks for a great product.



I've implementet a new Merge duplicate fields action type with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian