Merging two artists into the diretory name


I made two actions to name directory names the way I want: One for various artists albums and one for single artists releases.
But sometimes there are EPs where there are only two artists involved. Using the VA action is a bit uncool. I would like to have an action that names the folder something like 'Artist1 & Artist2 - Blablabla'. Is this possible?

Greets, Y

Hey Ydope!
Can you please explain how to do this? I couldn't do even that.

Make an action that formats _DIRECTORY in this way %artist% - %album%
Use %validate to make sure every character not allowed in a windows path is replaced with a legal character.

In my case I format _FILENAME in this way %artist% - %album_%filename%, but that's because I did this before the _DIRECTORY 'tag' was invented by Florian. The result is the same.

Ydope thanks, it has worked!

OK I tried a lot of fiddling but it just doesn't work, my approach is this:

Assuming I have a directory with tracks from exactly two different artists:

  1. Action:
    %_directory%, %wwwpayment% and %wwwpublisher% are set to 'dummy'.

  2. Action:
    I) IF %wwwpayment% = dummy THEN it is set to %artist%.
    II) IF %wwwpublisher% = dummy AND %wwwpayment% <> dummy AND %wwwpayment% <> %artist THEN it is set to %artist%.

  3. Action:
    Now %wwwpayment% should contain the first artist and %wwwpublisher% should contain the second artist. Thus %_directory% is set to '%wwwpayment% & %wwwpublisher% - %album%'

Unfortunatly something in 2 II) seems to go wrong because i always end up with the respective artist being put into %wwwpayment% AND %wwwpublisher%.

Heres my code for 2b):


for better reading (unfortunatly the forum cuts the leading spaces...):

The last $not case should make sure the artist is not put into %wwwpublisher% if it is already in %wwwpayment%. I don't understand why this doesnt work.
If someone has a better idea for merging two artists into the directory name i would be delighted to know.