Merging two fields and blanking the second one

Hi everyone,

I've readen some suggestion to merge a field into another using "Format Value" but I haven't find suggestion to set blank one of the merged field.
For example, I would like to merge the fields "Artist" and "Albumartist" into "Artist" to get a result such as: Enrique Rodriguez, Armando Moreno
(where Enrique Rodriguez is the Artist and Armando Moreno is the Albumartist).
I would like to adjust the action so that the field "Albumartist" is blanked at the end of the action.
Thank you in advance.

You would do this with two actions.

First, use Format Value (or the converter tool for Tag>Tag will work as well). Once you have made the changes to the files in question, you can highlight all of them and delete the Albumartist tag in the tag panel, or in the extended tag window.

But is this truly intended? The Albumartist field is a common requirement for most music managers and players to properly sort complete albums.

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Whatever the purpose may be to

as most players need ALBUMARTIST to group albums together...

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: ==%albumartist%, %artist%
Target pattern: %albumartist%==%artist%

Thank you very much for the suggestion.
I am aware that the main music managers/players have the "album artist" field, but I have not been able to take advantage of this possibility.
Let me explain.
Until today, I have used MediaMonkey for my tango dj activity; it offers many possibilities for customizing the music library, but over time it has proved to be a bit unstable in managing large music collections, especially when playing tracks.
For this reason I switched to Virtual DJ with which, unfortunately, I was unable to replicate the method of song cataloging and using the "albumartist" field to classify the name of the singer.
VDJ does not have an "albumartist" field but it does have a "singer" field and what I would like to do would be to import from MM the name of the singers (i.e. "albumartist") into the "singer" field.
Due to my inexperience I failed in the purpose and therefore I thought of modifying via MP3tag the content of the "artist" field inserting both the main artist and the singer using the encoding "artist, singer".
I hope I have adequately explained the reason for my request for support and gladly accept further suggestions.

So the suggestion I made previously doesn’t work for you then? Step 1, update your existing Artist, using the Action (Quick) function of Format Value, the field is ARTIST and the format string is %artist%, %albumartist% in this case. Step 2, you can simply delete the Albumartist field, if you truly think you don’t need it.

But if some software doesn’t support a field like Albumartist, it is usually just ignored. That is why I ask if you truly do not need it. Why delete it if it isn’t a burden, and other players may still benefit from having it.

hi there

not sure if it has been covered in other replies: but i see no need whatsoever to null the Albumartist for that reason - just LEAVE the data there for other current or future use

I apologize for the late reply.

After reading all the responses I received, I decided not to delete the "albumartist" field (my previous decision to delete it was too radical and without any real benefit).


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