Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great 2018


Today, I’m writing you to thank you for being part of the Mp3tag community! I've loved every minute of working on Mp3tag over the past year and I hope you’ve enjoyed working with it too :slight_smile:

Highlights this year were adding a portable installation mode, extending Mp3tag’s core to work with chapters and adding support for Matroska. I’ve also fixed many issues and added other tweaks via the 5 releases during the year. It’s my hope that in the process Mp3tag got better for you too.
Mp3tag also has a new server since November (octa-core :boom:), which now handles all the traffic on the main site, our forums here and the Discogs image cache. It’s super-fast!

I’m also very grateful for all of you who supported me and my project with a donation (or even multiple donations!). It's awesome that you’re caring and it feels very good to be backed by a crowd! Thank you whole-heartedly. :yellow_heart:

If you’re still on the edge (or simply want to go for it again) now it’s a good time. Any amount is welcome
Your support matters.

I’m already working on the next release of Mp3tag. It comes with a new Library feature, which speeds up reading tags for huge libraries and is more memory-efficient. If you feel adventurous over the holidays, you can get the latest beta version from

Most importantly, I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy and inspiring New Year 2018.

See you soon! Until then, enjoy and take care
– Florian