Message translation


Hi there, I've just downloaded and installed v2.18 (which works great thanks! :smiley: ). I just notice that some french message were not translated or too long. :unsure: . I you need some help I'll be glad to give some help (in french of course).

Best Regards,



Hi Dom,

it would be very appreciated, if you can translate/fix the strings in the french language file. The file is called mp3tag.lng and is stored in your Mp3tag installation folder.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Sounds good, also could you send me the english language as ref (I'm too laisy to install it again in english.... :stuck_out_tongue:) .





the language file is on the way ... :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


I'm sorry, but I forgot to update the language file for the current release. I'll do this to the next version :rolleyes:


Hi Florian,

I've just downloaded the new version 2.19 :w00t: but the french translation is still the same one. There was a problem with the file I sent you ? :unsure:




I simply forgot it, because I was to busy with fixing things.

~ Florian


:laughing: Ok no problem