Messages Options

I know about the option to enable /disable messages... But I feel lack of more options in the "messages area".
Click "ok" in message is not productive. <_<
Disable messages may cause problems. :unsure:
So, I suggest that messages have options like "auto clear" and/or "clear at mouse click" and/or a "messages panel". :slight_smile:

I fully agree with this suggestion.

I set in the settings "Yes" for message after deleting a file, but never get messages. Confirmation for changing tags (for example) works. Win7x64, last Mp3tag edition.

What may be a cause? Thank for help in advance.

Apparently the behaviour of the underlying OS has changed. Whereas XP and W7 still send a message, W8 does not. So MP3tag does not get one. It only knows about its internals.