Messed Up When Trying to Remove Something

Hello first time poster here.

I have a bunch of songs that have "(Explicit)" at the end of their titles,filenames, and albums, for example "I Get Around (Explicit)". I want to delete all of the "(Explicit)" from all fields but dont know how to do it.

I tried using a REPLACE WITH REGULAR EXPRESSION action but I ended up replacing all the "(Explicit)" with "(^Explicits+)". Now for example, the same song I mentioned would look like "I Get Around (^Explicits+)".

Someone please help me out and tell me how to remove "(^Explicits+)" from all my mp3s.

Here is a screenshot of my directory in MP3tag so you can see what I did.

EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed this problem by using REPLACE instead of REPLACE WITH REGULAR EXPRESSION. CLOSE THREAD. SORRY.