Meta data for songs to send to sync agents query

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So My question is, if I am inputting extra tag data to each song off an album and then i copy past and save from the mp3 tag files i have updated over to my laptop folders for designated songs, how then do I know that all that data is definitely on there and am I right in thinking if you play a song say in itunes that is the same song that you have saved with metadata, but this song you did not go through the mp3 tag ile folder and update the song ext info, then that particular song file will not have the same data on it will it, unless you put it on every single copy of the song you have on your laptop. Sounds dumb but i got thinking, well how, if someobody listens to that song onine somewhere via a digital platform that has the song before you added eext tags data and you sent them a file without that data, then the person listening to that song wont see all data about the ong will they, as it doesnt just automatically udate each and every song file of the same song you have on internet like magic right hahah. you need to have had the song file imprinted with the meta data before you uploaded it to the platofrms right.

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I am not sure what the problem is.
If you do not see the data in your player even though you have just modified the data with MP3tag then you have to check the functions that update the player's cache and database.
The same probably applies to every other managing program that stands between the user and the real file.

Thankyou. No I am seeing data if I look up extended tags, but i dont see all data, even though i know its there, just because it doesnt show it all unless you customise it that way.

I was asking a dumb question about copies of the song that have not been imprinted with extra data via mp3 tags editor. They dont automatically get the same data do they, they need to be edited and saved too. Was hoping there was a magicalway that the metadata put into one song applies to all copies of that song prior to the extra data being added.

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You are right: there is no magic way for MP3tag to find files that are similar or equal to files that have been treated.

I don't understand what you mean

I do not see a feasible "automatism" that shows more or fewer tags according to the existing tag data.
Just to get that right: there is no "table" in the tag with fields that need to be filled. If a tag field is not filled, it is not there.

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These tag updates/changes only affect your own personal, local files. They don't affect anything online. Your changes don't update my files.

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Thankyou so much. Thought probably so. But wanted to check i wasnt missing something cool :grin:

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