Metadata disappearing when cover is added in FLAC

I have several (about 12) WAV files that I converted to FLAC to then add metadata to. Originally the files hold metadata fine (album, artist, year, etc.), but when I add a cover in Mp3tag, it does not show on the files and when I check the properties, all the original metadata is gone as well. If I try to change the metadata or remove the cover, the metadata still shows as blank no matter what I do until I delete the FLAC files and convert them from the original WAVs again. Oddly, I had a different set of WAVs that I did the same thing with and they worked perfectly fine. They have covers and metadata on them and show no issues. Any ideas?

Please show us a screenshot from the extended Tags Alt+T from a FLAC freshly converted from WAV.
(Just before you do any change on this FLAC inside Mp3tag, as adding a cover).

This help us to see what kind of tags and version your conversion tool applies.

like this?

The only tag I can see on this screenshot is ENCODER.

You say:

Originally the files hold metadata fine (album, artist, year, etc.), but when I add a cover in Mp3tag...

Where exactly do you see ALBUM, ARTIST, YEAR for this specific FLAC file?

OH, my bad, I meant that I could add those tags with mp3tag without any problems, when I originally convert however they aren't there.

Sorry, now I don't understand your problem.

If you load a FLAC you have NO metadata (only ENCODER).
Then you add a cover picture and see that cover in Mp3tag, right?
Then you add an ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR and see that metadata in Mp3tag, right?

Your problem is currently that you don't see the cover or ARTIST where exactly?
In your Windows File Explorer? In your Music App on your smartphone?

Yes. When I load the FLAC there's no metadata. When I add album, artist, and year I can see it in mp3tag, file explorer, and my music app. However, when I add a cover, I can still see everything in mp3tag, but nothing shows in file explorer, and my music app can't even detect the file altogether.

AFAIK, there is a limit for the max. picture size for FLAC files.

Try to reduce your cover art to - for example 500x500 pixels. Would it work then?

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Thank you! This worked! I'm curious as to why the other files worked with a cover of the same resolution and file size, but nonetheless I'm glad this worked, thanks!

Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe it was a JPG instead of PNG?
Or it was much more compressed?

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