Metadata from Foobar2000

Hi All,
I have some questions. I use Foobar2000 as my standard mp3 player.
Mostly I use these Metadata for Albums.

  • Artist Name
  • Track Title
  • Album Title
  • Date (Year)
  • Album Artist
  • Track Number
  • Total Tracks
  • Disc Number
  • Total Discs
  • Genre

Most of them I'm I using in Mp3Tag. But I can't figure out Total Tracks & Disc Number(s).
What is the solution about the last 2?

Han Krol, Holland

If you have a file with all these tags filled by foobar just select the file in Mp3tag and choose "View > Extended Tags" to see what fields Mp3tag uses.

Thank you Dano. It was a great help. It works.