Metadata from WAV not showing on other devices

I have a lot of .wav files that I have ripped from CDs, and then edited the metadata in Mp3tag. On Windows 10, the metadata is showing.

However, the metadata is not showing on other devices. I have an LG smart TV, Marantz network player, and my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and they're all showing the same problem. All pieces of metadata say "unknown".

My goal was to have the metadata embedded into the file so that if and when you use these files on any device it'll always show the correct metadata. Any ideas as to why this isn't working?

You have to make sure that you only use devices that support to read the metadata of the files.
Apparently, the LG smart TV is not smart enough (and the other devices also do not support that).
So it could be an idea to use a different file format like flac which is also lossless.

Turns out you're right. I ended up encoding my .wav files to FLAC and now the metadata is showing!