Metadata not changing / iTunes failing to play certain songs


I have recently started using Mp3tag to organise the metadata of my music. However, when I make a change to the details of a file in Mp3tag, I am finding the details remain unchanged in the subsequent Music directory folder (the filename is the only thing to change).

Additionally, certain songs fail to play in iTunes when prompted, and instead simply open iTunes but nothing plays.

Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.

[I use Windows 7 and v2.73 of Mp3tag, if that's of any assistance.]

First things 1st.

Are you changing Mp3's or M4a ?

If Mp3 what does this screen under options say ? These are my settings.

Ps: All my songs are in iTunes and Mp3tag is the only program I use (except for iTunes own Built-in editor) to edit the tags, and finally I have both Mp3's and M4a (these bought from the iTunes Store)

When you click the song (or press CTRL+I or Right Click and select Get Info) in iTunes do you get this (Exclamation mark)?

Ps: Another question, do you run any actions (ALT+6 or Menu Bar and then Actions) in Mp3tag ?

The filename only changes if you explicitly say so - either with the Convert> functions or with an action of the type "Format value".

Also: iTunes does not recognize changes unless you force it to, either by deleting the files and rescanning the folders or with dedicated scripts.

And: if you use iTunes as an editor you might get the nasty surprise that all the changes are stored only in the iTunes library but not in the file's tags.
I would use iTunes only as player.

Possible solution for mp3's only.

Check this below, you could be saving APE in the options. I thought I had a bug until I realised that I had checked 'write APE' in the settings to help another forum member out:
[X] Genre tag from iTunes not updating

Read the full thread to see the problem I had. Yours sounds similar.

I'd recommend not changing filenames outside of iTunes as it searches files based on it's .xml file and if it cannot find it then a missing file error will show up.

I'd recommend instead to checkmark in the settings of iTunes > advanced tab

[x] keep iTunes media folder organized.

This way you organize tags only (minus the filename or course) in mp3tag and iTunes organises the files to folders and renames filenames based on their tags.