Metadatics vs Mp3tag

Hi. Why should I choose Mp3tag (€24,99 on macOS) over Metadatics ($9,99 on macOS)?

Also, in Mp3tag on Windows, I could throw .mkv files in there; on macOS I can't. Will this feature be developed?

I don’t feel like convincing anyone to use my software over something else. If it’s not valuable enough to you after using the trial, please choose something else.

Support for Matroska is on my list, but there is no ETA.

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To add to what Florian said, you'll be happiest with the app you think meets your needs and gives you back the best value for your purchase. However, while Florian won't try to persuade you, I will (at least a little bit) as I think Mp3tag is the sweet spot between capabilities and usability for most people (and I think it is well worth the cost).

  1. Mp3tag has a great community and documentation. Seriously, this is a major benefit over most of the other tagging apps on macOS. Florian keeps detailed documentation and the community does a great job of providing a wealth of knowledge and a rich history of examples, scripts, ideas, and so on. Think of things like all sorts of custom renaming patterns, scripting, integrations, how to handle complex classic music tags, non-standardized tags, how to handle edge cases and organizing of massive libraries, etc.

  2. Along with that, Florian has provided a great framework to allow anyone to build a custom tagging source to allow tagging from sources like Apple Music, MusicBrainz, Audible, Spotify, Deezer,, and many others. The tagging from online sources is in active development by this community and sources are shared and updated on a regular basis. The variety of options as well as the ability to customize those options (e.g. change the album art size pulled, or assign the album name from the site to a different tag field directly) is really excellent and unparalleled by almost every other Mac tagging app that I have tried (including Metadatics).

  3. Mp3tag has very active development. The Mac version is only a few years old and is already getting very close to full parity with the Windows version that has been around for almost 20 years. (Microsoft still hasn't pulled that off with Microsoft Office after how many decades...)

  4. Florian is fantastic. He is one of the most kind and helpful independent developers I have ever encountered. His customer service is top notch. A lot of solo devs do a great job, but Florian has really been next level in my experience. He's responsive to support requests, feature requests, active in the forums, virtually always friendly—all of that really does make a big difference to me in my total experience with an app.

  5. Polish and features. While many apps have some of the same broad capabilities as Mp3tag, the details matter. Mp3tag tends to have more customization available, more nuance in the features, and often adds lesser known features that can really be great depending on your needs. For example, the ability to create a custom CSV, text file, or just add a custom text structure to do mass tagging for files from a source document that you can customize based on the files and the tags. Likewise, you can export your tags with a similar level of customization to make a backup of all of your hard work on a massive music library.

So, ultimately use whatever you like, but I think the cost for Mp3tag is money well spent.

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