The old Web Source Script for Metal Archives doesn't work for me. So I made a new one. It uses the Album-Search on the Metal Archives Site, not Google, to find the right album.
It just needs the name of the Album to find the right values.

I just added a second Plugin. It searches for the band name. It will only find the first 50 albums of the matching artists.

I also added a third Plugin. This one searches for the song title.

It imports:
Artist, Album, Title, Year, Cover, Publisher

Note: You can only find real Metal with this Plugin.

Metal_Archives.src (2.19 KB)

Metal_Archives___Song.src (2.19 KB)

Metal_Archives___Artist.src (2.2 KB)


Just added a second Plugin. It searches for the band/artist name.


I also added a third Plugin. This one searches for the song title.


Thank you for this web sources scripts headbanger :wink:


This isn't working for me. I follow the instructions, saving it to: C:\Documents and Settings*username*\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\sources, but it doesn't work (?)

I tried adding .srs and .ini and it still won't work :unsure:


Do you use Windows XP?
In Windows Vista you have to use an other path: C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources



I'm using this web source script very often and it works fine in most cases, but I have a problem when I'm looking for split releases with multiple artists. In this case I just retrieve the songs of the first artist.

And sometimes it gets very often "user abort" errors on searching. But maybe this is more a hoster problem or is somewhere a timeout counter?

Would be great if someone could fix this issue, because I'm not very experienced with scripting.

thanks in advance


Sadly this doesn't work any more since Metal-Archives updated their layout.
Could someone please fix this?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Seems to me that the old site has moved from to The following seems to work:

For all three .src files:

  • open in notepad
  • search/replace all "www.metal" with "v1.metal"




Ah, yes, of course. I didn't recognize that :slight_smile:.

Bingo, works.
Many thanks! thumbs up

Kind regards.