Microsoft's Xbox Music Service

Okay so I've been using Mp3 Tag for well over a year now. I've been a Microsoft Zune user for over two years. I own a Zune HD. I've been using Mp3 Tag in conjunction with with this Zune Social Tagger which has been fine up until the xbox music implementation.

Now the above program I used as a sort of plugin for the Zone 4.8 desktop software. With Mp3 Tag I've been using Shawn Oster's Zune Marketplace.src file(s) to tag. To this day it still works somewhat but I'm finding that their are certain albums within the xbox marketplace that don't ever appear through This Marketplace Source (Shawn Oster's) .

Now Windows 8 is awesome, and I own both the os and a wp8 I'm also trying my best to keep my zune HD alive. I use Mp3 Tag for all of my mp3 tagging needs. I wanted to know if there's a nice source file out there that's going to keep current with the xbox music marketplace right now.

I'd love to accurately tag my music and mp4 files with both Microsoft's Music and Video service. I really only care for the music though.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!

Long Live Mp3 Tag and my thanks goes out to the great team that's given us such awsome free software.