Migrate all non-music files to newly created folder

Hi there, currently I'm using this string to rename my files:

%albumartist% - %year% - %album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

It renames the files and puts them in a new folder, I was wondering if it possible in any way to let mp3tag also move the other files in the folder, specifically the .log and .cue files, and if it possible to rename these files in the process.



If you do this in 2 steps, it should work:
one step: rename the (music) files -> do this with the Convert-Tag-Tag function for _filename with definition only for the plain filename without a path component. In your example this would be:
$num(%track%,2) - %title%

the other step: rename the folder -> do this with the Convert>Tag-Tag function for _directory
the other step moves all files of the old folder to the new folder.
In your example this would be:
%albumartist% - %year% - %album%

If you rename files with a partially qualified filename that also has a folder name in it, you get the non-music-files as leftovers in the old folder.