Migration to new computer; path for custom tags

On my old computer I had some tags defined which I would like to use on my new computer, too. Which is the path for the corresponding settings (Windows 10)?

Do you ask for this folder names?

You can reach your username folder "C:\Users\ < username>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag" with
too. Just copy & paste the above line in your windows file explorer or in the windows 10 search box (usually located on the lower left corner in the taskbar)

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Thank you for your answer! I had found this text among the FAQ already, but this process does not restore the custom fields. If there is no other possibility I will restore them manually.

It is not quite clear what you mean by

Do you want to see extra columns in the files list or extra input boxes in the tag panel?
Then the described process of using the setup from the old computer will restore just that. Provided you use the right source files and the right target folder.

As the fields are usually stored in the files (I guess), a look at the extended tags dialogue should show them.
If you need the fields in the field name selection and you don't find them there, type them in (yet, if you have copied your old configuration to the correct folders on the new system even this should not happen).

What I mean are "extended tags". They are handled in Mp3tag Options/Tag panel. There is a field "Utils" where I can expoert and import them.

This data is usually saved in the folder data\panels.

%APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\usrfields.ini is most likely what you're looking for.