Milliseconds to HH:mm:ss function

Beatport have this property "length": 779986

I wonder is it too much to ask @Florian for a math fn to convert milliseconds to HH:mm:ss?

Thanks. I hope this is the last request.

This is to display a human-readable length in my TRACK scripts in the List of search results... dialog.

can't you use something like this, but adapt it to the json output obviously.


Just trying to think what would be already implementable with current functions.

I'm currently working on a dedicated function for that, both for standard scripting and the web sources framework.


This is now part of Mp3tag v3.21b as a new function SayDuration which is not limited to JSON-handling, but can also be used in other contexts.

It takes the current input, interprets it as a numerical value and outputs a formatted duration string. It assumes to get the input in seconds, but can be switched to milliseconds via the optional second parameter "ms"

SayDuration "ms"

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