Minimum required macOS version?


My Mac OS version 10.13.6 High Sierra..
Mp3Tag mac version support my system?


It's supported on macOS Mojave 10.14, Catalina and Big Sur. No High Sierra unfortunately.

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I am sad.....

I too am limited on my older iMac. The max OS it will run is 10.13.X. Is there a specific reason why you can't work with 10.13? Will it lose a feature or two?

Hi Florian,

I have been waiting for this to become real for ages!
Unfortunately, I am limited to 10.13. on my beloved iMac late 2009 which works perfectly fine otherwise.
Any chance to lower the minimum required OS version to include High Sierra?


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I just wanted to give a quick update here. Every macOS version supported also needs testing and I’ve noticed, that Mp3tag on 10.13 has more issues and non-existent APIs that need extra workarounds.

Since it’s a new app, I was trying to not have the burden of maintaining many older versions of macOS on my development shoulders. At the time of decision making, I was also still running Mojave, so I knew it’s going to work flawlessly there.

The fact that macOS High Sierra doesn't receive any security updates and other updates anymore, also did not help in motivating me further to invest all this extra effort.

I'm sorry to not have better news for the High Sierrans among you.


Having the same issue running my Mac on High Sierra 10.13.6., unfortunately I replaced the previously running app with the current non-supported app. So I wanted to downgrade back to the previous version but can't find it on the Download page anymore. Could you maybe send me a link to the latest version that runs on my Mac? At this moment I can't use the editor but I need it.


Guys, just move on and get up-to-date. You can't really expect anyone to support ten year old Macs for a new piece of software.

Those of us with older MBP models (mine won't run anything newer than El Capitan) can't "just move on and get up-to-date." I use my MBP to rip CDs and perform A2D from vinyl both of which it does very well. I don't expect Florian to support El Capitan (I'd be thrilled if he found a way to do so) but it never hurts to ask. Right now I'm using the WINE build which does run on El Capitan. It has a few irritating bugs but mostly works. If I had $2500 to buy a new MBP I would be thrilled. In the meantime I'll make do.

You need just a fraction of that. the lowest spec Macbook Air M1 at $1000 will way outperform your MBP.

But thats OT....

If your MBP is able to run El Capitan it's likely also able to run at least Mojave still (Mojave is quite ok, IMHO. Not the epic clusterf*ck that Catalina was). There is a very comprehensive guide on iFixit on how to upgrade to Mojave on seemingly unsupported Macs:

Maybe give it a try...?

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