Minor Issue with /'s when renaming files based on tags

Hello. This is my favourite preset when converting tags to filenames as this both creates directories for the album, and renames the file to the format I want. This is my preferred template:

%ALBUMARTIST% - %ALBUM% '['%YEAR%']'/$num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title%

This works flawlessly in windows as windows simply omits the "/" which sometimes occurs in 2 and 3 track EP's. My problem now is, I've recently switched to macOS, and I want to use the same format. While this template works mostly flawlessly, there's the odd 2 and 3 track EP with "/" in the album field. What mp3tag for macOS does instead is it cuts up the name of the album, creating several sub-directories, depending on how many "/" are in the album name. It's a minor inconvenience with those albums and I hope this gets resolved soon.

MP3Tag uses slashes in format strings for filenaming to create subfolders. You use this feature yourself in your format string.
If a tagfield contains a slash your have to replace it woth another character for the filename.
It is not a good idea anyway to use the slash in the filenames of MacOs for interoperability.
You have to replace slashes with another character, e.g
%ALBUMARTIST% - $replace(%ALBUM%,/,) '['%YEAR%']'/$num(%track%,2). %artist% - %title%

In my example the slash is replaced with nothing.
Have a look at the help for the scripting funktion $replace().

Please also see Preferences → General → Filenames where you can Replace invalid NTFS characters on field lookup.

Enabling the automatic replacement also prevents folder creation when using the converter Tag - Filename with fields that contain the forward slash character /.