Minor Layout issue: Extended Tag Panel picture frame not square


I'm a stickler for details.
It annoyes me that the picture frame in the Extended Tag Panel (Alt-T) is not square (see below).
This results in ugly white space above and below square pictures.

BTW: In the normal Tag Panel (Ctrl-Q) square covers are shown correctly without white space.
This problem shows in Windows 10 only; not in Windows 7.

A fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



I agree that the gold coloured rectangle you've drawn is not square.
But I believe the display area is square. Mine is.
I suggest measuring when an image is not displayed.

Perhaps the white bands we see in your example are part of the image.
To check, right click the image in Mp3tag and click "Correct aspect ratio" to toggle a check-mark on or off.
Without a check-mark, the image should completely fill the display area.
So if the white bands remain, they are part of the image.

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I'm sorry to contradict you, but the images I use are always edited by me, and are guaranteed 500x500 without any white borders.

I've tried what you suggested. Without checkmark the image is stretched and fills the frame (as is expected). With checkmark (so correct aspect ratio) the white borders appear.

I've also remeasured the frame. Ofcourse this depends on screen, resolution and scale. My screen is a brandnew laptop Acer Aspire A515-52G running Windows 10-1809 and Mp3tag 2.94, resolution is 1920x1080, with scale 125%. As mentioned in above screengrab, the frame measures 154x162 pixels, which is NOT square.
Changing the display scale in Windows10 Settings to 100% gives a frame of 124x132 pixels, at scale 150% 184x194 pixels, NOT square either.

In the Main Tag Panel the image is displayed correctly (no white borders), both with or without checkmark.

This white frame screenshot below is made with PrtSc function in Windows 10 and edited with Photofiltre Studio X. This program allows pixel-perfect editing. It again shows that the frame in the Extended Tag Panel is NOT square.

This is the image, so you can check for yourself:

Is your frame really square, as you say? Then I'm curious to learn what the differences between my system and your system are.



I downloaded the 500*500 picture, created a screendump of the tag panel and then cut the displayed thumbnail.
On my machine (1920*1080) the thumbnail has the dimensions 201*201 pixel.



That is in the Main Tag Panel, I guess? That one is OK.
How about the Extended Tag Panel (Select track, then Alt-T) ?



Dimensions there are 130*130 pixel:



You are correct. Your frame is square.
Strange phenomenon. Could it be my display-adapter??



What I find strange:
Refresh rate 59 Hz instead of 60 - but this could be a rounding error
Bit depth only 6 bit instead of the ordinary 8 bits

Anyway: the program tells the OS to draw an object with certain dimensions. These dimensions should stay the same on the same monitor regardless how distorted they get due to some strange aspect ration.
So quite honestly: I do not understand why you get different amounts of pixels.



msinfo32 tells me 59Hz; 32 bit/pixel (RGBY= 8888?)

On further testing I found the following:
Tried Custom Scaling 125% and 130%
Difference is noticable on 'old' programs like Photofiltre: fonts are blurred at 130%
125 130

At 130% scaling the pictureframe is distorted horizontally (white stripes L and R). How strange.

So scaling does not work uniformly in horizontal and vertical direction. Boy, how I hate Windows 10 !

Let's leave it at that for now. It looks like I'll have to live with it.
Thanks for your efforts. Greetz, Otto.

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