Misleading adverts appearing on website

Hi. I'm just writing to alert other users to the misleading ads that are sometimes served up at www.mp3tag.de. They are coming from Google AdSense.

The worst type appears at the top of the page and has a big button labelled "Download". People may click it thinking that this is the button to download MP3tag. Instead it downloads some other unwanted software, such as 7zip.

The ads are designed to mislead the user into clicking them when they really want something else. I'm surprised that Google allows them.

So beware what you click. And think of making a donation to the developers so that maybe ads like this won't be necessary in the future.

I'd rate this an off-topic.
If you want to avoid counter pixels, ads, flash ads and stuff then I can only advise to get some add-ons for your browser.
E.g. adblock, ghostery, betterprivacy, flashblock for Firefox.
These should minimize the amount of undesirable interference with the actual contents of a page.