Missing Data after ripping

After having ripped one of my CDs (as Trial) I find "Various Artists" in String "Path" after having ripped with EAC one of my CDs. Actually I was "Superbad - Original Motion Soundtrack" with several "Artists" on same CD. But I wonder, why I do not find "Various Artists" at least in e. g.Field "Album-Interpret" which currently is empty on all of the 18 Tracks on this Record.

BTW: "Interpret" of Track 13 is - just as sample - Rick James. But still, I'm missing "Album-Interpret" such as may be "Various Artists". Why this field is empty anyway?

Loogink forward to your helping Hands :wink:


I assume, you get a faster reply if you ask this questions in the forum of EAC.
I don't know how many users here in the Mp3tag forum also use EAC and can answer your EAC questions. :wink:

sorry. mea culpa :wink: