Missing error message if cover file ist too big

Recently I´ve tried to save a new (back)cover file for all tracks of a FLAC album.
Then I've got a WIndows error message as attached:

"... konnte nicht zum Schreiben geöffnet werden".

Looking for the cause of this message at first I took a look to the write permission state of the affected FLAC files. There was no restriction, writeable!
Performing some more experiments I finally checked it was the file size of the cover file which was 22.262 KB. After downsizing the file to 191 KB Mp3tag was able to incorporate my cover file to all tracks as usual. So I think it´s not a real bug (who needs 20 MB cover files?!) but I suggest to intercept this error by an according Mp3tag error message.
Thank you very much for your outstanding software! On occasion on writing this topic I finally succeded in making a donation.

Mp3tag v3.17 (64 Bit)
Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.2006

Windows 10-Fehlermeldung wenn Cover-Bild zu gross

Thank you for your (very) fast feedback!
Yes, YOU know that FLAC limitation of 16 MB. And I am knowing it too, NOW, after your reply.
What I was and am trying to suggest, is to add a Mp3tag message which is covering attempts to embed cover files larger than 16 MB. So no one would have to wonder what's happening, if Mp3tag correctly 'refuses' to store such files, e.g.

'File exceeds the FLAC 16 MB limit for embedding cover files'

Sorry, I didn't find another category to post.

The issue is different from a request for new features and it's obviously not a bug. But IT APPEARS to be a bug for people not knowing the 16 MB barrier. So I spent come time to check the cause - this post included.

A message as recommened above is not very tricky and will avoid further misunderstandings of other users by small coding effort afaik.

I don't say that I vote against such a clear warning message. :wink:

I've extended the error message with Mp3tag v3.18a. Thanks for pointing!

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