Cannot embed large size cover image(s) for FLAC

When writing tags for FLAC files, the program simily fails if the cover image file that is bigger than about 20mb.

I have been wrestling with the cover image which happens to be 35.6mb (PNG file), and the program tells me it cannot write the tag. I reduced the size to 24mb (JPG file) and it still fails to write the tag.

Is this limitation of FLAC tag structure?

....My guess is that not many people are that insane enough to put ultra high quality cover art files, but it would be great if this bug is fixed.

see this external thread,60122.0.html
It states for FLAC files:
"Each individual picture is limited to about 16 megabytes (because of the 24-bit metadata block length), "

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@ohrenkino Did you know that

ID3v2.2 also has a limit of around 16 megabytes per picture. ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 aren't really limited on a per-picture basis, but the total size of all pictures can't go above a 268 megabyte limit for any tag version.

from the same thread you linked.

So I read the hydrogen auido forum carefully;

-ID3v2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 are only used for mp3 files.

-FLAC uses its own FLAC tag system, which definitely has limit of 16mb.



God, FLAC is such a old format at this point. Back in 2000s I was so interested in the idea of 'lossless' which resulted in ridiculously big music files. And that was about, what, 15 years ago now?

Perhaps there should be some new better lossless format. But it seems the whole progress, open source or not, has been essentially halted now.

FLAC has a limitation of ~16MB because the length field of the metadata block can only hold numbers up to 24bit.

I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

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