Missing Icon in Windows 7


So after I booted up my computer, I noticed that my MP3tag program had decided to strip itself of its icons. Not sure how it happened, but I have the program pinned to my taskbar, pinned to my start menu, and also in the programs section of my start menu (natch). I run Windows Home Premium 7 on an HP G62 laptop with MP3tag v2.47b and i am getting no icons on my program. Not really a huge concern because the program still runs, but it does make me wonder about the integrity of the program. Have had ZERO problems with MP3tag the entire time I've used it (about 6 months now) and really enjoy this program. Anyone have any ideas as to the missing icons I'm experiencing? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
JC in MT


You could restore the icon by right-clicking on the icon that does not the right logo, then assign "other icon" while searching for it in the installation path.
I do not know why you don't get the right icons...