missing information on Gigabeat and WMP

Hi.. I have recently downloaded this App and am having trouble with Album Artists going missing as well as a few other things not translating to my Gigabeat or Window Media Player

First of all I am a complete Newb to this and my Gigabeat will not sync properly with anything other than WMP10, so I am stuck with it.
If anyone knows anything else that would work with it please let me know.. Toshiba are hopeless with after sales support

I have cover art that has gone missing since using Mp3tag and now WMP is not showing Artists on random files and files that had Album Artists in WMP dont in Mp3tag
I am having problems with Track numbers.. I changed them to have leading zeros as the Gigabeat doesn't like 1 2 3 etc .. but some of the files still show as 1 2 3 etc in gigabeat
Not a huge problem for listening to music as I tend to use shuffle a lot.. but my audiobooks need to play in track order.
Also Genres are not staying put.. I changed them all to Audiobook but some have remained Speech and even if I change it in WMP when I reopen the Speech Genre is back again

I dont need a lot of information in my tags.. I was just using this to batch change my Audiobooks
as some are 2 to 4 CDs and I wanted them to display only one album title, the tracks from 01 to 60 instead of 1/1 , 1/2 etc and to change the title to the track number and album

I have searched through the forums and FAQs and haven't found anything that will help

I have switched it to ID3v2.3ISO as it was mentioned that it could be a problem
no luck and more files have lost information
as I want to keep it simple would switching to ID3v1 be more appropriate for me?
Should I be removing all tags and cover art and start again?

I dont want to be doing anything else until I have more information, because I have a feeling I am missing something really simple

Windows.. Doesn't play well with others <_<