Missing .MTA tag in Windows

The default file type for MP3Tag is .mta but I can't add an association to this extension. This extension is not showing.

When I access the area in windows 10 where you can add an association by file type the extension .mta is not available. Setting Windows to show the extensions of known file types does not help either.

I would like to be able to set a default program to open these file types but I can't. Can you offer a solution to this problem.

I am using the latest versions of both Windows and MP3Tag


The *.mta file extension is used for Mp3tag's action groups. Currently, the association is not exposed to Windows and you can make use of those files by copying them to your Mp3tag configuration directory. The directory used for actions is usually located at


You can copy this path directly to the Windows Explorer address bar to jump to this folder.

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