Missing sorting suggestions when importing via Tag Sources

I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if it's just not present in the mac version but have just moved over and have started using the trial before purchasing, and one thing I do miss is the automatic tagging, for example I can find the album I'm wanting to tag on Discogs and there's a button to press to match tracks by title or length, while not always acurate it does come in handy, it seems the on;y way i can do it on mac is to move the tracks myself indiviidualy? Please let me know if i'm not seeing it.

I've missed your post, thank you for the feedback! — And I can assure you that you're not not seeing it. I've added it to my internal wish list as an idea for a future version of Mp3tag for Mac.

Thank you so much for your reply, I have actually purchased the program since this post so would love to see it on there at some point.

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Thank you :raised_hands: And I’ll keep you posted.