Missing Tag Info Win7 x64 but NOT in XP VM

I installed 2.45 on my Win 7 Pro x64 machine and it works fine-more or less.

I also have 2.45 installed on the same Win 7 machine but in an XP mode virtual machine.

I have a directory structure on a Linux box where all my music is stored and this directory is accessed via a SAMBA share. There are 3 directory levels in the portion with which I'm having the problem: Classical -> Composer1 Composer2 etc. where each composer directory also contains directories of the various pieces.

In the native Win7 installation, if I start reading at the "Classical" level, many of the 3000+ entries in the Mp3Tag data are missing. However, if I go down and read from the individual composer level, all the tags (even ones missing in the mass-read) are present. In the XP mode installation, if I read from the "Classical" level, ALL of the tags have their data fields filled.

So, I'm sort of perplexed as to where the issue lies--is it something to do with Win 7 x64, Mp3Tag or some weirdness that occurs because of accessing a Samba share?

I did copy about 38 GB worth of the data over to the Win 7 machine and the Win 7 installation reads it all just fine. But, I didn't copy all 75 or so GB, so it's not really a good experiment since if it's to do with the amount of data read, I've not duplicated the original directories.

Any thoughts?